Topographic diagrams

The topographic diagram is a comprehensive study consisting of the engineer’s research, ground measurements and office work. It is prepared according to the required specifications depending on the purpose for which it will be used. Some of these purposes are:

  • Notarial deed (contracts, transfers, inheritance earnings, etc.)
  • Issuance of building permits
  • Issuance of operating licenses
  • Arbitrary arrangement
  • Checking the perfection and buildability of plots or plots of land
  • Demarcation and division of plots – plots in horizontal and vertical co-ownership
  • Act of characterization of Forestry and objections of forest maps
  • Determination of shoreline – beach lines
  • Determination of quarry areas
  • Implementation act and corrective action
  • Act of settlement – actuarial – worship
  • Control – Finding plots
  • Photogrammetry
  • Drawings of foundations, boundaries and urban lines
  • Acts of worship & meditation, modification of road plans, removal of expropriation and application diagrams
  • Cadastral declaration