The topographic diagram is a comprehensive study consisting of the engineer’s research, ground measurements and office work. It is prepared according to the required specifications depending on the purpose for which it will be used.

Issuance of Building Permits

What is included

Architecture study.
Structural design.
Electromechanical (E / M) study (for a building of more than 300 sq.m. and a volume of more than 1300 sq.m. or more than 3 floors.
Water Supply – Sewerage Study (for a building volume of more than 800 sq.m. or more than one floor).
Thermal insulation study.
Fuel gas study.
Fire Protection Study.


We undertake the partial or total renovation of your home or business. With a number of experienced partners we will study the special needs of your space and we will give the best solution, satisfying your taste and your pocket. We can suggest and execute suggestions for:

Home Renovation
Business Premises Renovation
Study and supervision