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Welcome to the Concrete Constructions

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For more than 20 years IDD has been operating as an independent investor, project developer and asset developer and manager, both in Greece and in Cyprus. It is a medium-sized company, with more than 1,000 apartments and houses in its’ assets.

The focus of business activities is the development of projects, offices, commercial and residential buildings. In addition to new construction projects, conversion projects and renovation projects are also taking place.

The interdisciplinary team of our company, with its extensive experience, accompanies clients throughout the project: from the design and planning phase to the delivery of the project and from the marketing plan to the operation of the property.

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Our Specialization

Risk-free markets that offer a high level of quality of life and living and a safe investment with perspective.


sophisticated architecture is a pillar of our success

Exterior Design​

Development of projects, offices, commercial and residential buildings

Building Design​

We have been actively manufacturing buildings since 1960.

Landscape Design​

we carry out conversion, as well as renovation projects

Site Planning

From design and planning to the delivery of the project until it is fully operative

Interior Design​

We develop best practices to delver a fine result

What Our Clients Say

Our clients are the best to prove our skills. Read what they believe for us.

I had a gret experience and I would definetely work with them again. Thank you all guys!!
Margaret Curtis​
Real Estate Developer
I am so thankful to all of you for the way you supported my dream and made it come true!
Matthew Fox​
Development Company
IDD offers a high quality service and tools for every client. And if you stuck the support team is always there for you.
John Doe

Our Recent Projects

We provide clients with technical studies, planning, engineering, design, and construction management solutions to address their needs

A Great Mega Project


High Tower Building


Skyscraper Project


National Museum


Skyscraper Tower


Big Company Headquarter


Our Expert Team

Our team is comprised of industry experts
who are passionate about their work
with an extensive background in a variety of applications

Juan George​

Team Leader

Sean Hart

Project Leader

Emma Kelly

Creative Director